Ely Cathedral

Ely cathedral is situated in the heart of the English city of Ely. With origins that root right bad to AD 672 when St Etheldreda built the abbey church. After its restoration in 970 b Ethewold, it became the richest abbey in England, except for Glastonbury.

Etheldreda’s monastery flourished for 200 years until it was destroyed by the Danes. It was later refounded as a Benedictine community in 970.

Work on the present cathedral begin the the 11th century under the leadership on Abbot Simeon, and the monastic church became a cathedral in 1109 with the Diocese of Ely being carved out of the Diocese of Lincoln.

A third restoration project, the most extensive to date, began in 1986 and was completed in the year 200.

With a vast amount of history and heritage, Ely Cathedral is well worth a visit, with many shops and unique restaurants around the local area, it’s a great way to spend the day out.

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